We are Launching – 26th April 2014

?????????????????????Please come along.

For more details see our facebook event – https://www.facebook.com/events/477412965691792/

or the Digital Shed for more details - https://www.digitalshed.com.au


Please RSVP here for catering purposes:

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Digital Shed Open for 2014

Students helping at Digital Shed in 2013

Students helping at Digital Shed in 2013

The Digital Shed is back for 2014!

We have started our Saturday morning sessions at Traralgon Neighbourhood Learning House and hope to resume our Friday sessions the first week in February (depending on student availability – check our Facebook page for details). We are here on Saturdays from 10am – 12midday. You can drop in at any time during those 2 hours and get some one on one assistance with your devices. No appointment is necessary. You can come once, or as some of our regulars do, come every week and learn something new. It is not a class, but a way of solving problems you may have. We charge a small fee that goes toward our LV Community & Digital Shed project.

At the Digital Shed we help people to use technology to enhance their life. We show people things like how to use their mobile phones, tablets, laptops. Students have helped people with photos, facebook, twitter, how to use email, how to download apps, use eReaders and get books or music. We have students who know how to use Apple products as well as PCs and a variety of brands. Most problems can be solved.

This year, as we move to the VRI Hall we will be undertaking more projects using technology. We are currently looking for expressions of interest for a WordPress User group. We have people keen to do some Digital Storytelling projects to gather our local stories. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter which will recommence next week.

If you are a technology enthusiast who would like to volunteer some time at the Digital Shed to support others with their technology use, or you want further information about what is available,  please contact Joh on 0419 568 772.

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Community Planning Day

You are all invited to our Open Garden day where we will plan our community garden for the VRI Hall.

This will take place on Tuesday 29th October 2013 at the VRI Hall. We will be there from 3 – 6pm and have a BBQ dinner afterwards.

The OUTR – Reactivate Latrobe Valley team will be facilitating an opportunity for us all to put forward our ideas and help us to plan our garden together.

We’ll finish off with a BBQ dinner. Everyone is welcome. Come along and share your thoughts, experience and ideas to make our garden great!

The Traralgon Bunnings and Bank of Melbourne have offered their support for this event. If you have any questions or would like to offer support for this event or any future events, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the Traralgon Neighbourhood Learning House. Many hands make light work!

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Crowdfunding Success

Our crowd funding project with Pozible.com to raise money from the community to repair the VRI Hall roof has been successful. Over 70 people contributed to the fund and one major ‘angel supporter’ rescued the project toward the finish. This person wants to remain anonymous and as that was a condition of the pledge, we will be protecting that individual’s identity.

We now begin our new projects. First order of the day is to finalise and sign off on the lease with the VRI. We expect work will start on the community garden as soon as that has been completed. The Traralgon College Hands on Learning students are ready to go and last term we received a grant from Latrobe City to support the garden and pizza oven that will go toward getting our garden flourishing.

The Digital Shed students will continue to operate from Traralgon Neighbourhood Learning House on Fridays and Saturday mornings until we have the roof repairs finished and communications set up at the hall.

We intend to have an open day for our garden on the 29th October so more information will be forthcoming about that day.

This is an exciting time for us and we look to our community to continue the support through participation. If you would like to be involved in the Latrobe Valley Community Shed and Digital Shed, please contact us. There are opportunities to build this resource together. We are truly grateful for the affirmation that our crowd funding project has given us.

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What will the VRI Hall mean for the LV Community Shed?

We have our plans submitted to council to build our shed, but this is all taking much longer than we hoped.

With the VRI Hall, we can make a start. We already have some great people with activities ready to go. We have picture framers, the digital shed, gardeners and tools waiting to be collected from people who want to donate them. We have no space at the Neighbourhood house for any of these things and activities.

Some of the ideas that have been put forward are:
Picture Framing
Repair bikes
Car maintenance courses
Hire bikes to rail travellers
Home maintenance courses
Budget cooking classes for people living alone
Men’s cooking classes
Community Garden on the tennis courts – great central space to start our gardening activities.
Upcycling furniture
Getting speakers in for 1 day sessions about a wide range of things- motivational/health/energy saving/ recycling -
Music events and activities
Drama classes
Self defence
Support for starting small enterprises

We are also open to YOUR ideas so please let us know if you want to learn something or teach something or see something there.

First let’s get the roof fixed. Please share our project with everyone you know and consider making a pledge – there are some great rewards on offer and even a $1 donation shows us you’re on board with this. Imagine how much you’ll enjoy the opening party knowing you helped to make it happen.

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